Diary of a Gen-Z Professional: How to Start an LLC

In the era of side hustles and passion projects, starting a Limited Liability Corporation, LLC for short, can help make your #hustle official. I founded an LLC to protect my work as a freelance social media marketer and turn my post-grad gig into a registered entity!

What is an LLC?

An LLC is not incorporated and helps to protect owners from liability in debts and obligations. My business, Matelamade LLC, is a sole-proprietorship, where I am the only member and have 100% ownership of the company. 

Request an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Your EIN is the business version of a social security number. You’ll need it for various tax forms, identification, and various business tasks like opening a business bank account. When you register your LLC, you’re going to want to check with your state’s business database to make sure your business name is not taken.

The IRS has an online form to request your EIN here.

Create and file a Certificate of Organization

A Certificate of Organization is the document to show the structure of your business. This is an example of the Certificate of Organization form in Massachusetts. You can file your certificate on the Massachusetts Department of Revenue here.

Register for Appropriate Licenses

Your business may require licenses in your state to operate. For example, in Massachusetts, professions such as a home inspector, dietician, and accountant require licensing. Read more about these requirements here.

I hope this post can help you to follow your passions! Have any questions? Message me on instagram @matelamadellc or send me a shout here.

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