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Matelamade is a digital agency focused on building connections and nurturing community.

After growing tired of tokenism and exploitative brand culture, we wanted to create mission-driven work focused on inclusion, diversity, and empathy. Our goal is to amplify your stories, create welcoming spaces, and celebrate what makes your business so special.

Analytics and research inform our campaigns – but heart and purpose fuel our passion.

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josee matela, founder

Fed up with being the Diversity Ad Placement™ or Token Brown Woman™, Josee started Matelamade at the intersection of marketing and social justice.


A proud first-generation Filipina-American, her personal mission lies in creating space for marginalized entrepreneurs and upending industry norms that perpetuate inequity. 


She brings years of experience across publishing, journalism, government, and the non-profit sector. She has two bachelors degrees from Boston University. 



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